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I found a sweet deal on a honda z50 at a garage sale in Illinois today, but I didn’t buy it yet, the guy selling it didn’t know what year model it was. It has a blue frame with a black seat. I seems like its in great shape and it runs well. The guy is only asking 200$ for it. I wish I knew the model… If you can help me find that out I would appreciate it. Thanks


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Hi, the only good way to find out the model year is to match up the serial numbers. If it runs good and is only $200 you should buy it. once you have it safe in your possession you can look up the serial number at: you shouldn’t have any trouble finding out that information. It would certainly be best if they had a title though.. Be sure to get as much paperwork as possible to hopefully have the title made. Before buying it call your DMV for info on buying it without a title. I am unfamiliar with Illinois registration practices. Take care~