Honda Z50

This great little bike was introduced to the market in 1967. The Honda Z 50 is also commonly known as the monkey bike. Due to its small size and the larger size of people, they tend to look a bit like monkeys while riding them. Knees crunched up, arms bent, they just look silly. However this smaller size adds a great dimension to these mini dirt bikes.  The close proximity to the ground and all of the undersized components make the ride on these motorcycles much more enjoyable than you could possibly imagine.

The History of the Z50 Honda

In the 1960’s this small bike was created specifically for children. The 50cc bike has enough power to give kids the ride of their lives. In Japan a small amusement park known as Tama Tech had these bikes created by Honda so people of all ages could enjoy the hobby of motocross. At the time there was nothing quite like them around. Seeing the huge level of enjoyment people got out of these small bikes, Honda decided to go full bore and offer this small series of motorcycle to the general public. The Z50 was originally called the Z-100 as the first street legal mini Honda series. They eventully re-named the line of motorcyle the Z50 in 1967, starting the official beginning of this marvelous bike we have all come to know and love. The Z-50 series revolutionized the nature of motorcycles. Now every member of the family could enjoy their own bike sized perfectly for them. These bikes which were once able to be seen in most neighborhoods all over the world are slowly becoming a rarity.

How Can I Own One of These Z-50’s?

The early year models of the z-50 series are becoming hard to find and are being snatched up by collectors. While you can buy a new version of this motorcycle, it has become a hobby of many to refurbish the older models into like new condition. The parts seem to be readily available on internet auction sites and classified ads. This series of bike is becoming harder to buy every year, so if you are interested in re-living your childhood or just owning a piece of history, the time to go out and buy a Honda Z50 is now!